Through Acts 2:42, we see the first century church engaging in relational, personal, and missional growth. Our groups are designed to help church members grow in these three areas so that the community of our church would grow in discipleship.

Our groups meet bi-monthly and some weekly. In each meeting time, the leader or host will lead the time in our sermon-based discussion blogs and or a short devotional study. As we walk through a study together, the idea is that we are instigating discussion of both a corporate and personal nature. We seek to help one another follow Jesus in more practical ways.

You will also experience a safe place for fellowshipping with other believers. As you get to know one another and become comfortable discussing with others, natural fellowship will occur. Some groups become very close and intimate while others are slow in the process. Whatever the case, Jesus asks us to meet with one another frequently because he has given us the Holy Spirit in order to spur us along in faith. You need the spurring on as much as other people in the group.

Depending on the host and or location of the group, most will provide some snacks and or a meal. This is a simple way of making these Connect Groups more personal, intimate, safe, and comfortable. And last but not least, your group will also pray for each others needs.

We have older adult groups, couples groups, young family groups, and if you’re interested in hosting or participating in this discipleship opportunity, then fill out our handy dandy form below and we will be in contact with you soon!

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