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Summer Dinner Circles


Trinity Church exists to Believe in Jesus, Love one another like Jesus, and Serve the world like Jesus. One way we are growing in loving one another this Summer is through “Summer Dinner Circles”.

If you have ever heard of “progressive dinners” or “dinner for 8’s” or “fellowship meals”, then this won’t surprise you. In our Summer Dinner Circles, we are pursuing a growing fellowship amongst our church. How it will work is individuals or couples will volunteer to host, join, or participate in a dinner. We will have a spot on our website where you can sign up for this, or you can contact Pastor Andy to tell him you’re interested. Pastor Andy will take those who sign up and assign them to hosts house, we will set a time and date, and then you will attend the assigned host’s house! We are planning to start this in July, but some others are already going to get started this June! If you’re interested, please sign up here so that our team can get things rolling.

There is no agenda for these dinner circles other than time set aside for people in our church to get to know one another!

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